Dear Piscataway Community,

​Please vote to elect Nancy Salgado-Cowan, Sarah Rashid, and Tom Connors to the Piscataway Township Board of Education. Our vision is “Putting Kids First” and we are committed to student wellness, diversity, student achievement, fiscal responsibility, and a safe environment through proper governance and leadership. We have been and will continue to be independent voices, who advocate for what is best for our children and our community,

​Here are the FIVE Key Issues we'll continue to advance:

 1. Mental Health and Wellness: We promote a 'stigma free' environment and our team will address the social and emotional well being of our students and school community - especially now in the aftermath of a year of remote learning and with COVID still very much a concern.

2. Diversity and Community Engagement: We will continue to improve and celebrate the diversity in our schools, ensuring that the rich cultural and social diversity of our community is represented and respected in our schools. This will include programs like the nationally recognized “You, I, We" Inspire character education program and other initiatives that recognize diverse holidays like Eid, Diwali and Jewish holidays.

3. Fiscal Planning and Operations: We will be legislative advocates for more State Aid so that Piscataway receives its fair share of state funding.  When school board members take the time to understand the complex school aid formula, their district wins and gets the money they’re entitled to. Dr. Tom Connors chaired our district’s Fiscal Operations and Planning committee from 2014-2020 and was also Chair of the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) School Finance Committee and understands that it is imperative to keep up with State Fiscal matters and the laws that dictate school aid.

4. Student Achievement:  Raise the level of academic achievement and our statewide rankings among competing districts.  As board members we have to utilize NJ School Board training and resources so the district can regain Blue Ribbon status. We will continue with programs with nearby Rutgers University such as our "Rutgers Future Scholars" and "Biomedical" programs. Continue to promote English as a secondary language (ESL) programs. Continue to transfer smart teaching practices that resulted in significantly improved scores such as our middle school math Algebra program. Continue our successful digital literacy and computer science programs. Continue to be named in national and state level award winning programs. We will also invest in much needed early childhood education by expanding our preschool capacity by leasing a nearby facility and creating an Early Childhood Learning Center.  This is part of the Governor’s budget under Preschool Expansion Aid.

5. Safe Environment: We advocate for a safe environment in and around our schools. Our priority is ensuring best practice for building safety, security and environmental laws for safer schools. We have to monitor and advocate for children’s health against environmental and pollution impact from warehouse pollution in close proximity of school buildings.


Please Vote! Elections have consequences!

When we all contribute a little, we all achieve a lot!

Thank you!

Nancy Salgado-Cowan, Sarah Rashid, and Tom Connors