Courtney KING "Fierce Advocate for kids"

  • Courtney is a single dad raising his daughter, who attends our public schools and is starting at Piscataway High School this year

  • He has lived in Piscataway for 10 years, after growing up in and residing in New York 

  • Like so many residents, he chose to move to Piscataway for the educational opportunities in our schools, and the diversity and culture our community offers

  • He is a Project Manager for a heating and maintenance company, an industry in which he has worked for decades

  • He is running for the Board to ensure that all families have access to the educational opportunities they seek to thrive 

  • He enjoys spending time with his daughter and her friends, as well as other hobbies,  including basketball, tennis, paintball, motorcycle cruising, kayaking, and skiing.


Inieka STAFFORD "Educator with a heart" 

  • Piscataway resident and proud mother of twins, both of whom attend Piscataway public schools.

  • Director of Health and Technology at Raritan Valley Community College, connecting with students of all ages to expand educational opportunities.

  • Former classroom educator at the collegiate level, bringing a unique perspective to education policies to support students, staff, and families.

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Public Administration, with a proven track record of nurturing students to succeed. 

  • Former PTO Member at Schor Middle School & Volunteer at Food Pantry

  • As a board member, Inieka will foster open-mindedness and independence to promote healthy student-centered decision-making that is inclusive, collaborative, and transparent.

  • Champion of children and families. Advocate for students who utilize NJ’s affordable county colleges.


Nancy SALGADO-COWAN -  “Unity, Diversity, Integrity” 

  • Piscataway homeowner for over 17 years; two children in Piscataway public schools (one Piscataway High School Class of 2021, and one in Middle School) 

  • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in caring for the medical, physical, and emotional needs of children and families. 

  • Current Treasurer of Schor PTO and former PTO President of Grandview School.

  • Member of three Board of Education committees, Curriculum, Policy and Legislative, and Culture, Climate, and Community Relations. 

  • Invited Member of Vision committees for Piscataway Schools Superintendent.  

  • Volunteer for Church activities, for kids and special needs adults. 

  • Champion of children and families. Advocate for the safety and emotional needs of kids.